September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

This woman is extraordinarily beautiful. Her name is Shala Monroque or should I say the ‘It girl’. Shala is the editor-at-large of pop magasine. For those who don’t know, pop magazine is a British fashion magazine. Back to Shala. What made me drawn to  her was her flawless skin and her faboulous sense of style. I’m going to emphasize on ‘HER faboulous sense of style’. I haven’t seen anyone yet who’s got the same fashion sense like Shala. She isn’t scared of color at all and she shouldn’t be.

Normally, I wouldn’t look twice at those Prada heels. But seeing them on this Saint Lucian fashionista is totally different. I really don’t know anyone who can pull it off but her. There are quite a number of blogs on the internet about Shala. Most of them are like me; her existence is new to us. But boy are we thrilled and blessed to have found out about her ! I can’t wait to see more of her. She’s definitely one to watch out for. I’m really crazy about her and will talk about her A LOT so stay tuned.


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