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Last week, I was on a mission : meet fashion artists in brussels ! And I did ! Her name is Elena Vasilieva. I stumbled on her blog a while ago, before I started mine and I thought of her as fabulous (yes, I use the word ‘fabulous’).

We met at her atelier in Brussels. This inspiring fashion designer is obviously gorgeous (I wish I had eyes like hers), down to earth and really talented. I asked her to introduce herself and this is what she said; I’m Elena, I’m 24 and I’m Russian. When asked to describe her style, she replied; my clothes have to be wearable. I always design clothes that I’d wear. I am a fan of clean looks but I also love that little detail that makes a design stand out. I’m sure her fans can testify to that.  Obvious words that describe Elena Vasilieva and her clothes : chic, sexy, well-tailored and sophisticated.

You have to admit that this upcoming designer is intriguing. It feels as though we know her yet we don’t. First of all, blogging her designs and using herself as the model isn’t something we come accross on a daily basis. She’s established an easy communication method and we thank her for that. Then again, there’s a feeling of wanting more or should I use the word ‘need’? We have this desire of wanting (or needing) to know more about her.

When asked what kind of a woman could rock an Elena Vasilieva item, she answered: that everyday girl you see on the street wearing an everyday clothing but with a twist. I concur.

If you didn’t know about her, now you do. Check out her blog; Elena Vasilieva.

Although, I don’t consider myself to be an everyday girl, I am getting myself an Elena jacket.


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