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Last night was great. Last night was more than great. Last night was perfect. The apéros urbains is coming to an end and I’m feeling a little emotional. Hello hangover. Although I went to bed at 4 am, I woke up at 10 am. 6 hours sleep ! But I’m feeling all dandy.  While surfing on Vogue, I came across someting MORE than interesting : Selfridges is organizing a retrospective of Vivienne Westwood’s most iconic shoes. It’s started on the 26 th of august and ends on the 22nd of september. Seeing as I’m going to England this september, it’s all good news.

I’m a huge fan of eccentric AND minimalistic styles. Today, we’ll focus on the latter.

My eyes got stuck on that vintage blazer. Simple yet noticeable. Andof course, the colorful t-shirt that lightens up the outfit.You can find replicas of that leggings at H&M.

Sometimes or should I say most of the time, simplicity is the key. No need to do much, no over done hairstyles, little or no jewelry and you’re good to go.

Photos from Stockholm streetstyle.


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