I got your back

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

When we’re were high
When we’re were low
When I promise I will never let you go
Said I got your back boy

I know what most people think of hip hop & rap. Rest assured, I USED to be one of you until this summer. I think we have to keep an open mind, regardless of ‘language’ or whatever reasons we have. I recently heard T.I’s new song featuring the fashionista Keri Hilson : Got your back. I’m in love. Yes, I am. I love this song and I can absolutely relate to it.

Notice anything SPECIAL in the video? Come on, look again ! Take a good look at T.I ! He’s a fashion genius. I’ve always loved him (ok, he’s fantastically handsome). He’s got style, or ‘swagger’ as some would say. His polka dots tie is doing it for me. T.I, I want YO back.


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