Man skirt, Man trend

August 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

While looking for articles about man purses, I stumbled on the site It’s a site founded by Gabrielle dedicated to man skirts. Europeans consider skirts to be a female wear except of course Scotland and few great fashion designers.

Lungi : Man skirt worn in South Asia

I believe in freedom of (unviolent) expression. Be it through art, music, clothing … even though man skirts aren’t in the norm in Europe, it shouldn’t be shoned upon. Weirdly, I have a feeling that this trend is going to be extremely popular. Fine, we can say thank you to Jean Paul Gauthier and Marc Jacobs but H&M totally KILLED it with their Spring 2010 menwear

YES OH YES ! So much class.

What’s your opinion on them?


§ One Response to Man skirt, Man trend

  • JohnN says:

    The idea of a skirt for men is great, the way H&M went about it is counterproductive, not only by means of the PR suggesting tht the skirt would be available everywhere, which wasn’t the case, but also the model shown, as it is shown is a killer for the idea.
    A skirt for men is great as it is more comfortable than trousers etc as discussed at other blogs and websites. The fact that skirts for men do sell at prioces if 1000USD and (much) more and stocks which are sold out immediately indicate the demand.

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