Jeffrey Campbell VS the world

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After a month’s break due to school and lack of inspiration, yes, lack of inspiration, I’ve decided to make that the longest break I ever take from blogging.

I’ve always wanted to blog about Jeffrey Campbell, who is without a doubt my favorite shoe designer. ‘Why not Louboutin?’ My friends ask. They always seem shocked when I say I’m not a Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo fan. No, Sex and the City did not inspire me at all in fashion. Ok, not really. I have to admit that I loved the Vivienne Westwood’s bridal gown shown in the movie and that’s about it.

I love the abnormality or more like the unusualness of this shoe. And I’m also a big fan of huge platforms. Although most girls prefer this :


Jeffrey Campbell’s vision of the unconventional woman, the brave and bold lady, the woman who dares to wear what she wants to just because she can is who I am, in a way.

Random selection #1

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve actually been asked : do you really spend hours clicking through pages searching for pictures? Well, yes I do ! And while this person gasped, I smiled. I love going on for hours through different sites searching for the right image to add to my growing collection, or should I say addiction. The pictures below are from different sites, they represent in one way or another my undying love for fashion.

There will be a numéro 2 soon. Stay tuned.

Spray on clothes

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I didn’t know the economy was this bad.

Taylor Momsen // Over the years

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Contrary to most of you, I don’t hate Taylor Momsen but I used to hate little Jen when I found out she touched Chuck but we’re going to move on from that. Her fashion sense is what you’d call … (please bare with me, I’m still looking for the word) … sorry, can’t find a word to describe it. But Tay-tay didn’t always dress like this (Duh !), she actually used to look good. Believe it or not, there was a time when she didn’t look like a racoon ! Uh uh. But then she started filming for Gossip girl and embodied the slutty character of little Jen (and she discovered makeup). She’s such a cool 17 year old … or not.

She even wore Cinderella shoes !

I think she looks stunning here !

The nightmare begins

Yes, that is lingerie !


WARNING : If sensitive to ugliness, trash and especially fashionFAUXpas, you’re adviced NOT to view the photo below.



NUMERO // March 2011

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Jewelery // Obsession

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DSQUARED² Richy bracelet $195





MIU MIU SS11 // Mert & Marcus

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This summer is looking promising especially for Miu Miu adepts. I am already a fan of the platforms and boots.

Oversize glasses are still in.

The boots are more than amazing !

Images from Fashiongonerogue