Jeffrey Campbell VS the world

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After a month’s break due to school and lack of inspiration, yes, lack of inspiration, I’ve decided to make that the longest break I ever take from blogging.

I’ve always wanted to blog about Jeffrey Campbell, who is without a doubt my favorite shoe designer. ‘Why not Louboutin?’ My friends ask. They always seem shocked when I say I’m not a Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo fan. No, Sex and the City did not inspire me at all in fashion. Ok, not really. I have to admit that I loved the Vivienne Westwood’s bridal gown shown in the movie and that’s about it.

I love the abnormality or more like the unusualness of this shoe. And I’m also a big fan of huge platforms. Although most girls prefer this :


Jeffrey Campbell’s vision of the unconventional woman, the brave and bold lady, the woman who dares to wear what she wants to just because she can is who I am, in a way.

Random selection #1

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I’ve actually been asked : do you really spend hours clicking through pages searching for pictures? Well, yes I do ! And while this person gasped, I smiled. I love going on for hours through different sites searching for the right image to add to my growing collection, or should I say addiction. The pictures below are from different sites, they represent in one way or another my undying love for fashion.

There will be a numéro 2 soon. Stay tuned.

Spray on clothes

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I didn’t know the economy was this bad.

Taylor Momsen // Over the years

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Contrary to most of you, I don’t hate Taylor Momsen but I used to hate little Jen when I found out she touched Chuck but we’re going to move on from that. Her fashion sense is what you’d call … (please bare with me, I’m still looking for the word) … sorry, can’t find a word to describe it. But Tay-tay didn’t always dress like this (Duh !), she actually used to look good. Believe it or not, there was a time when she didn’t look like a racoon ! Uh uh. But then she started filming for Gossip girl and embodied the slutty character of little Jen (and she discovered makeup). She’s such a cool 17 year old … or not.

She even wore Cinderella shoes !

I think she looks stunning here !

The nightmare begins

Yes, that is lingerie !


WARNING : If sensitive to ugliness, trash and especially fashionFAUXpas, you’re adviced NOT to view the photo below.



NUMERO // March 2011

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Jewelery // Obsession

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DSQUARED² Richy bracelet $195





MIU MIU SS11 // Mert & Marcus

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This summer is looking promising especially for Miu Miu adepts. I am already a fan of the platforms and boots.

Oversize glasses are still in.

The boots are more than amazing !

Images from Fashiongonerogue

Ty Ogunkoya // Fab Magazine

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I discovered this gorgeous chocolate candy (shame on me for being so late) when I saw him on the cover of FAB magazine which is a Nigerian fashion magazine. We’ll be seeing more of Ty here.

Photo credits

Do it like a …?

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I discovered Gucci Connect during the men’s fashion week and I loved it. I simply love how Gucci decided to make their site interactive and also, the fact that they allow us to feel as though we are at the show.

On the right, we’ve got a chatbox which allows us fashionfreaks to talk about previous shows, exchange blog links and comment about the fashion show taking place. Then we’ve got three screens on the right. For today’s fashion show, we were able to see the entrance. There were loads of bloggers and fashion photographers outside. I even saw the talented Valentine Avoh.

We were also able to chat with our webcams on. It was fun seeing the funny faces made by the fashionfreaks.

We had access to the backstage, we saw the models getting all dolled up. And we also saw them getting prepped before stepping on the catwalk.

I actually enjoyed this collection. Although, it’s far from being my style, I loved the 70s revisited.